We Provide “Full Spectrum” Cyber Security Services

Digital Transformation Executed Trust in Security and E-Privacy Reestablished

We deliver value added Cyber Security, Education, Training and Awareness solutions to strengthen the “Human and Digital Network” of your organisation for the next era of Digital Transformation, Defense and Security challenges.

Our 4 Key Research and Advisory Domains

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Human Elements in Cyber Security

The security chain is as strong as the weakest link in it and humans are the weakest link of an organizations security chain. On average businesses spend $15 million per year on battling cybercrime. According to a recent report time to detect a breach went from 205 days in 2014 to 146 days in 2015. According to another report, cybercrime costs projected to reach $2 trillion by 2019 and $6 trillion by 2021! The foremost reason that the current approaches are failing to help businesses improve their security is that they fail to understand or address Cyber Security factors at macro, meso and micro level in cyberspace. A second important reason is that the most approaches also neglect human factors in the security chain.

Security and Resilience of Smart Cities

In a hyper connected, data driven world, technology enables us to manage and design our cities in an intelligent and sophisticated way.  To balance public and private interests with city dynamics, urban planning and natural resources we need to reinvent our cities and make them ‘resilient and secure by design’

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Security of Autonomous Vehicles

We are witnessing an era unmatched in the history of transportation. Breakthrough technologies have matured and hit scale together, enabling five defining trends: hyper-connectivity, supercomputing, cloud computing, smarter worlds, and Cyber Security. inter-connected, autonomous vehicles are around the corner. Without any exception, most transformative technologies create new challenges and risks in addition to benefits. Modernday vehicles have up to 100 ECUs and more than 100 million lines of code, a massive attack surface. Furthermore, car manufacturers source ECUs from many different suppliers, meaning that no one player is in control of, or even familiar with, all of a vehicle’s source code.
How do we mitigate “Telematics” vulnerabilities and attack surface for government's mission critical fleet?
How do we improve cybersecurity of vehicular network systems and infrastructures?

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Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience

We are living in a world where our sovereignty, our individual rights, our economic wellbeing, and our national security are inextricably interwoven with the availability and security of our information and critical infrastructures. Information and critical infrastructures are becoming increasingly dependent on IT and cyberspace. Refined, stealthy and persistent cyberattacks focused on cyber resources and organizational infrastructures. These attacks emphasise the need for efficient and effective Cyber Defense for our IT systems and for those who depend on them. What actions are needed to strengthen these vital information and technology systems. How do we foresee and withstand evolving (cyber) treats that might disrupt our society?

5 Key Reasons to Work With Us

We add “Business Value” from Day One

ECRRN works with your organization to help construct efficient Cyber Defense programs that not only guard your infrastructure, but also add value to your business functions. We aim to quantify and communicate this value in all our engagements from day 1.

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One Stop Shop for Cyber Risk and Resilience Advisory Services

ECRRN provides full spectrum cost effective and efficient business driven Cyber Security solutions. Our comprehensive Cyber Security approach helps organizations effectively and efficiently Capture, Create and Deliver Business Value with IT, in a Secure, Reliable, Cost Effective and Simple Manner. We focus on your IT so you can focus on your business.

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Dedicated and Driven Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

We have specialists in every area of Cyber Defense to deliver the results you need. Field expert knowledge combined with international experience means you have the depth of experience and knowledge you need to maximize your business value.

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Tailored Security Education and Awareness Workshops

We deliver value added Security Education Training and Awareness solutions to strengthen the “Human and Digital Network” of your organisation for the next era of Digital Transformation, Defense and Security challenges.

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International Network of Leading Cyber Security Technology Vendors

We have a great network of world’s leading technology vendors in every area of Cyber Defense operating in commercial to military domains to deliver the results you need.

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