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Sheraz Ali, Executive Director at ECRRN

Introduction to Penetration Testing

Top-level Training Objectives and Outcomes

Pre-requisites: All attendees should have reasonable Computer skills and have an awareness of how computer networks, web technology, and general information technology, works.

This course aims to introduce the fundamental principles of professional penetration testing from a practitioner perspective through theory and practical examples.

The course will cover the following learning objectives:
- Gain an awareness of the current Cyber Security landscape;
- Understand types of penetration testing;
- Describe the process of security testing;
- Use open source intelligence gathering techniques to inform their own personal security;
- Understand a range of network scanning techniques;
- Describe a number of common vulnerabilities and attacks and how they can affect IT systems and businesses/individuals;
- Understand the implications of associated with not keeping IT systems up to date;
- Explain the concept of covering tracks;
- Have experience with real life hacking tools and techniques.

Target Audience

Senior managers, SIROs and C-suite Board members


5 days