A resilient Human Network enabled by innovative technologies and guided by an integrative risk management framework is paramount to the economical success of any organisation
Sheraz Ali, Executive Director at ECRRN

Cyber Security Awareness for Chief Information Officers (CISOs)

Top-level Training Objectives and Outcomes

This course will provide CISOs with a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves, develop their understanding of the technical and non- technical challenges a CISO faces, and address the demands on today’s Cyber leaders.

Topics covered include:
- The evolving Cyber Threat landscape; including key vulnerabilities, risks and countermeasures;
- Key knowledge on understanding how Cyber Security impacts roles and responsibilities;
- Be provided with an overview of best practices on topics including: Strategy and Governance; Business Information Risk Management, Secure Architecture Strategies, Business and Security Resilience;
- Explore relevant legislation, legal rights and corporate and personal liabilities and responsibilities;
- Scenario based exercises.

Target Audience

Chief Information Officers (CISOs)


5 days