A resilient Human Network enabled by innovative technologies and guided by an integrative risk management framework is paramount to the economical success of any organisation
Sheraz Ali, Executive Director at ECRRN

Cyber Security Awareness e-Learning

Top-level Training Objectives and Outcomes

This E-Learning course enables organisations to quickly, efficiently and effectively raise the level of Cyber Security awareness and knowledge across the business. Areas include:

- The importance of Cyber Security
- Handling and Processing Information (including personal data)
- Protecting You and Your Business Online
- Top Tips
- Assessment and Certificate of successful completion

This course highlights best practice to optimise your business outcomes, understand responsibilities and the consequences of getting it wrong. Learners will be provided with multiple choice and scenario-based questions to embed learning and provoke discussions.

The successful completion of this e-Learning course will provide learners with knowledge and awareness that is commensurate with standards surrounding good practice in this area.

This e-Learning course is also available in 7 languages.

Target Audience

All levels of your organisation


25-30 minutes