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Sheraz Ali, Executive Director at ECRRN

Information and Cyber Law Data Protection Legislation (including GDPR)

Top-level Training Objectives and Outcomes

This workshop will put GDPR in the context of data protection law and enable delegates to develop essential GDPR awareness and an understanding of the changes and key next steps they need to consider. This will include practical scenarios, checklists, and a best practice roadmap to support you to prioritise activities to implement GDPR.

This half day training course will develop essential GDPR awareness and understanding and will cover the following:
- What do we mean by personal data?
- Why is it important to protect and safely manage personal data;
- An overview of the current UK Data Protection Act 1998;
- The new requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation 2018;
- Context: Why the change and who does this impact?
- New Definitions of Personal Data;
- Key roles and responsibilities;
- Key areas of legislation and liabilities;
- Breaches and Consequences – organisational and personal;
- Best practice: Getting prepared and Mitigating risks;
- Third parties and outsourcing;
- The importance of fostering a culture that values information;
- Learning from discussion, real life examples and scenarios;

Where to find further information and support.

Target Audience

Managers and all employees