A resilient Human Network enabled by innovative technologies and guided by an integrative risk management framework is paramount to the economical success of any organisation
Sheraz Ali, Executive Director at ECRRN

Cyber Security for Information Asset Owners (IAOs)

Top-level Training Objectives and Outcomes

IAOs will be provided with a safe and stimulating forum to discuss roles and responsibilities, key issues and challenges, along with examples of best practice.

The course will equip IAOs with in-depth knowledge and opportunities to apply their learning through real-world case studies and to effect change in their role immediately, covering topics such as:

- Why knowledge of Cyber Security is critical;
- An understanding of how Cyber Security impacts the IAO’s role and business;
- Cyber Security and Information Assurance best practice, as well as the multiple Threats and consequences (both external and internal);
- An overview of the law, legal rights and their responsibilities;
- Government and industry best practice on:
- strategy and governance;
- Information Assurance;
- risk management and risk appetite;
- and how to create and manage risk balance cases;
- Best practices regarding metrics and reporting;

Real world case studies and scenarios.

Target Audience

Information Asset Owners (IAOs) and Senior Managers


1 day