A resilient Human Network enabled by innovative technologies and guided by an integrative risk management framework is paramount to the economical success of any organisation
Sheraz Ali, Executive Director at ECRRN

Cyber Security for Boards

Top-level Training Objectives and Outcomes

Our Board-level training provides Boards with critical knowledge and understanding of Cyber Security and Information Assurance, and what this means for their organisation, self and teams. Boards will be provided with:

- The latest Threat briefing;
- Guidance for Leadership, Strategy and Governance;
- An understanding of responsibilities, liabilities and consequences of breach, including key legislation, (such as the forthcoming GDPR);
- The importance of Business information risk management;
- Building resilience and capability.

As well as being provided with a trusted forum to discuss key issues and priorities.

Target Audience

CEO and C-Suite Board Members


90 minutes